Magazine Publishing - Style AND Substance

Posted by Donna Weller, 3rd April 2018 at 2:32pm

Magazine publishing, particularly B2B periodicals, demands quality standards. That means a writing style that is error-free and consistent

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The English language and grammar is ever-changing; and rightly so. Outdated words or phrasing do not reflect modernity and shouldn’t be used for the most part. Comma and apostrophe use, syntax and spelling trip many people up. And you’d be within your rights to think the comma has died when you read articles online where the author appears to be missing that key on their keyboard.

But articles full of grammatical mistakes and inconsistent style don’t inspire confidence.

If your company can’t get that right, why should the reader have faith in the opinions you put forth? Will they believe you when you tell them your company provides the best services?

Readers might not notice single instances of grammatical mistakes. A misplaced apostrophe or comma here and there may not register. But a few of them, coupled with word order that does not work, will ring alarm bells.

Just as brand identity is tied up in the logos, colours and fonts a company uses, a style guide provides the necessary nods to recognition. A company needs an individual style guide for its print publications and its online content. The guide specifies what fonts are used and goes into detail about how the company prefers certain words written.

If, for example, a magazine has an international audience, American spelling might be the choice. Inconsistent use of American and British spelling is noticeable and irritating. Another company will want job titles capped up and the products it makes accompanied by a TM sign. How does the company like numbers written? Does it use metres or feet when they refer to areas? Should certain phrases accompany the company name or the services it provides?

To those outside the publishing industry, it may seem trivial. It isn’t because the correct use of language helps us communicate in the best conceivable way.


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