Increasing Your Magazine Subscription Sign-Ups and Retention

Posted by Donna Weller, 18th June 2018 at 2:36pm

If you’re producing magazines, especially in niche areas, subscription sign-ups and customer retention are essential.

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So how do you do it? Expert, quality content is crucial. It’s the number one trick you focus on.

Include industry experts, and useful, informative advice. Spin a new angle on your topic. Include regular columns from witty professionals.

Make the look of your magazines beautiful—clear and easy to read, eye-catching pictures an d graphics, and give the magazine a make-over every 12 months or so to keep it fresh and exciting.

Give your readers a subscription trial – one two or three months, When it comes to the renewal, if they don’t cancel, they then pay for the magazine at full price. It’s an old ploy, but one that works really well. You give readers the opportunity to look at your content, enjoy it and continue their subscription.

Another tip is to offer your archives at a reduced price. New readers might value the chance to read back copies and your expertise.

Just as the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” no longer applies, the same goes for magazines. Design needs an extra focus when it comes to magazine covers. They need sharp, clear design, eye-catching tag lines and a brilliant picture.

Increase your distribution outlets. How do magazines sell? By being in the places where people buy them. The more outlets you have, the better your product sells. Give copies of new issues to attract new readers—GP surgeries, libraries and other places in your target area, for example.

You should also consider PR for your magazine. This could include sponsoring events or local football teams or hosting competitions that offer valuable prizes (giving away a wedding, for instance). Stalls at events your target audience attends is another way to attract readers, or you could do a live broadcast at a community event such as Christmas lights switch-on.

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